Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Know I've Been MIA

Never fear! There is no end to ridiculous corporate hijinks. Recently I had my annual review. One of the generic criteria we are judged on is: embraces learning opportunities. My boss tells me in the review says: "I feel you've really done well on this one this year, and next year I'd like to see you embracing learning this that and the other as well as embracing me.

Screeecchhh... hold the phone, right? Wrong. He's just bad with words sometimes. What he really means is: LIKE ME! Yes, I have one of those bosses that needs to be liked and wants to be you're buddy. This sort of boss is fine when work is sailing along smoothly, but works quite poorly when issues arise. He doesn't like to deal with conflict (unless he can control the entire situation, which is seldom the case) so he won't lay down the law regarding what he wants to happen, then he acts disappointed when he doesn't get his way.


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