Monday, September 24, 2007

Size Matters?

Recently my boss ordered us all new flat screen monitors. When mine arrived, I almost sent it back. The thing is so huge, it feels as if it takes up half the desk. It's display so bright, I feel as if I'm blinded. I think I had a headache for the first 3 hours.

My boss stopped by my desk expecting my appreciation for my new toy. He nodded and smiled, saying: I could have gotten the smaller monitors, but I thought: why not get the huge one? We deserve it. To which I replied: I guess size does matter!

What is it with guys and their toys? I know his secret joy is that people in other groups don't have these monstrosities on their desks... that the presence of huge tech toys in our group makes us important, which in turn makes him important. Men are so silly sometimes.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Bryan said...

I tell you what. If you're still unhappy with it I'll gladly trade you for my monitor. I need a MUCH bigger one for the work I do but haven't been able to get one in the five months I've been working here. I've considered buying one myself and bringing it to work. That might be frowned upon though.


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